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dApp on Solana: an overview on development

dApp on Solana

Before we continue to write an overview about dApp on Solana, our newbies may need this. Solana is a blockchain-based decentralized application that allows developers to build crypto apps while avoiding the latency and scalability issues that plague traditional networks. Solana’s scalability conceptual framework of study aims to provide developers with the infrastructure and resources they require to assist their decentralized products and services gain global traction.

It is the optimal solution for you if you want to construct your dApp. In comparison to other blockchain networks, Solana is the fastest, permitting transactions faster. Furthermore, the Solana blockchain network has a way cheaper transaction charge. The use of dApps is expanding rapidly and will continue to grow in the future due to these outlay features.

Why Should I build Dapps on Solana?

The best part about diving into the Solana ecosystem is that you don’t need significant experience with smart contracts or Rust. You don’t need any existing blockchain experience to begin developing on the Solana ecosystem, as it is among the most user-friendly blockchains and is simple to program.

Another feature that sets Solana apart is that it doesn’t depend on any centralised authority. The list does not end here. Let’s understand further why the Solana ecosystem has so much to offer when it comes to building dApps.

  1. Easy Programming

Solana is an easy-to-use platform with dynamic tools and a simple smart contract with an effective implementation process. It can host an endless number of decentralized applications. Solana’s Wormhole bridging protocol also provides cross-chain transactions, communication, and dapp hosting.

2. Transaction Cost

Building dApps on Solana, when compared to other ecosystems, is way cheap. If you’re new to the world of blockchains, you must be wondering what kind of cost we’re talking about. Whenever a person has to make a transaction on any of the blockchain platforms, they are supposed to pay a specific amount, also called a gas fee. Of course, the gas fee differs from one blockchain to another. Some blockchains charge a handsome amount, whereas Solana wins the race in this. 

3. High- Speed

Time is of the essence when it comes to making transactions. Solana might be comparatively new, but its features provide an A grade service, setting it apart from everyone else. Solana stands out as one of the fastest blockchains all over the world. Why so? Because as of now, it has a record of making around 65000 transactions per second. Crazy! Isn’t it? 

This feature also reduces the Mempool issue. Mempool stands for the waiting area where a transaction waits to be accepted by the blockchain after being processed. In Solana, there is no need to worry about Mempool status. It just adds transactions to the blockchain, saving time by reducing congestion in the network.

Closing Thoughts : why consider building dApp on solana

The reason for the rise of Solana blockchain development is that it is in the Proof of History mechanism. As a result, the transactions are quicker as opposed to other blockchains. It presently processes over 65,000 transactions per second, which is industry-leading. 

If you’re a growing business and want to create a decentralised application that fulfils all your needs and requirement on a blockchain that has all the features to help you. Then we would recommend you to read more about Solana. 

Again, why you should build dApp on Solana? Because it has all the characteristics and functionalities that will help your business reach the pinnacle of success. 

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