Web 3.0: The Futuristic Arrival of the Internet


Internet has come really far! Web 1.0 was all about static pages and consumption of information by its users; Web 2.0 brought interaction through social media, social networking, blogging, tagging, podcasting, etc; and Web 3.0 is on a whole different level. A basic demonstration of the features of Web 3.0 can be that it allows you to buy land in a virtual world! That is just one example of what Web 3.0 has to offer. One would say that it is insane to buy virtual land! But that is the beauty of Web 3.0. It acts as an investment and has features as the physical land.

Transformation of the Internet

The third generation of the Internet, Web 3.0 has been in the limelight for quite a while, be it due to its evolution or the controversial discussions about it. Currently, the functioning of the Internet (how the content is used, maintained, and reaches its users) is influenced by the top leading companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and most importantly, Facebook (Recently renamed to Meta). 

Web 3.0 emerged after the immense success of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, resulting in users becoming the owners of the Internet. It is all about Artificial-Driven services, decentralized data architecture and edge-computing infrastructure. 

Decentralization will lead to comprehensive interoperability, enhanced privacy and data security, as well as effortless scalability. It means that the users can facilitate services on seveeral platforms with just one account managed by several entities. Sighs relief, right? 

How to prepare ourselves for this new revolution?

There are plenty of new technologies that have been there for a while but are now gaining traction, such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFTs, DApps, Artificial Intelligence, Semantic Web, Metamask, and Metaverse. DAOs (Decentralized autonomous organizations) and Defi (decentralized finance) are other two concepts that are part of the Web 3.0 concept. It can be called the “New Internet Lexicon”. 

With the advent of Web 3.0, data decentralization will lead to the unlimited access of unlimited data to everybody. It may increase the frequency of cyber crimes if the data is shared recklessly. Therefore, consumer privacy becomes a big concern and strategic management of data and information is essential. 

Closing Note: How is it going to Change the World of the Internet?

Semantic Web or Web 3.0 will let the users leverage their data to earn rewards and incentives. Omission of the third party interaction is the most significant change. Web 3.0 will significantly expand the breadth and scope of both; the human and machine interactions beyond anything we can currently fathom. 

Privacy is a huge concern, but the solution is right in front of us: blockchain technology. Actions such as who viewed the data or who uploaded the data may be easily monitored and tracked because everything will be traceable. Therefore, the blockchain processes should be executed carefully. 

Let us look forward and enthusiastically embrace the transformation.

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