We create and tailor blockchain solutions for enterprises in several industries to automate monitoring and tracing activities, digitize operations, reduce operational barriers, and provide a shared IT infrastructure. Algobitz blockchain team has extensive experience in boosting the trust and transparency of business processes through the development of decentralized and immutable solutions.

Utilize our Blockchain consulting services to fully perceive the potential of Blockchain and obtain significant insights into your projects, which include DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and Metaverse. Algobitz will take your ideas and bring them into reality, from concept through protocol selection.

What is Blockchain Consulting and How Does It Work?

Blockchain Consulting is a service that does research, analysis, development, and testing of blockchain technologies. It includes the documentation and management of solutions and their architectural interactions with business logic. Blockchain consultancy translates customer goals into technical roadmaps that may be followed to achieve desired outcomes. We provide full-service Blockchain consulting to help you operate smarter, reduce risks, and improve traceability and security. Our corporate consulting solutions are backed by the best engineers with extensive experience, providing efficient global blockchain solutions.

The ability of blockchain consultants to mix business and technological talents makes them a valuable asset. With this approach, blockchain development businesses can design custom-built protocols and applications tailored to a company’s specific data optimization potential.

Blockchain consultants are in charge of ensuring compliance with the proper regulatory and legal framework, among other things. It is also usual for certain enterprises to provide education and training in the industry to their clients, as many businesses are still unsure of how blockchain technologies might benefit them.

Working of Blockchain

A blockchain is a decentralized public ledger that tracks and records transactions between connecting nodes in a network. It has aided businesses in creating new trustworthy and verifiable networks by ensuring transaction validity through three pillars: decentralization, immutability, and transparency.

Blockchain networks have no parental authority since they run in a decentralized format—every bit of data is hosted by millions of machines at the same time. This means that no single entity can claim ownership of information. Instead, it is shared among all participants in the network. As a result, all records are open to the public and easily verifiable, as well as being available via the internet.

Public data, on the other hand, must be secure. To achieve immutability, blockchain relies on cryptographic hash algorithms. To keep data secure, massive quantities of calculations and algorithms are conducted on each node of a network. Simply said, data that has been posted to a blockchain becomes unchangeable.

Blockchain networks have brought a new level of transparency to the financial sector that has never been seen before. Individual identities are disguised behind advanced encryption and are only represented by a public address, even though all transactions are public. This preserves privacy to some extent, but it also enforces ethical transactions inside the network.

Blockchain Consulting Services by Algobitz

By knowing your project’s specific requirements, our blockchain experts can assist you in selecting the best blockchain protocol for your business case. We’ve helped over 125 startups and businesses succeed with our training sessions, prototype design, and blockchain proof of concept.

Strategy workshop and training

Our team provides blockchain workshops and live webinars to help you better understand blockchain technology and its possible applications. We demonstrate how Blockchain technology can revolutionize your industry with case studies from our efforts.

Blockchain Consultation

We examine your present solution, ascertain the need for a blockchain solution specific to your business use case, and evaluate how Blockchain technology will add value to your organization. We recommend suitable technologies and solutions for the given project.

Proof of Concept

Our team creates a Proof of Concept (PoC) to demonstrate the feasibility of your blockchain concept. Clients can use the Proof of Concept to see how their blockchain ecosystem will work.

Developing Blockchain Technology

Once you understand the blockchain technology’s applicability for your use case, you may move your idea forward to development. As a leading blockchain development company, we build and provide scalable blockchain solutions to revolutionize your business operations.
Blockchain Consulting

Process of Blockchain Consultation


We examine your current system to see if it can move to the Blockchain. Our team evaluates all company processes and determines where Blockchain technology be used in your situation.

Technical Component Characterization

Based on your business needs and the type of blockchain, our blockchain consulting team selects the best blockchain platform for you.


We assist you in developing your blockchain product, from UI/UX through complete front-end and back-end implementation, once you are ready to begin blockchain technology development.


Our Blockchain Consultants assist companies in determining whether or not blockchain technology can be integrated into their processes and surroundings.


We consult our blockchain developers about the feasibility of your project and outline the business goals and process for your system. We help businesses identify, prioritize, and evaluate possible use cases based on business value, risk, and complexity. We also consider various execution options, such as building in-house, utilizing third-party solutions, and joining existing coalitions. Strategy teams and business unit leaders cooperate to develop an economic model and then an execution plan for each significant use case.

Blockchain's Commercialization

We work with business unit leaders to develop a blockchain solution, as well as a defined execution and ecosystem expansion strategy and a deployment timeline. Despite its breadth, our solution is an MVP (minimum viable product) version intended for rapid deployment, testing, and change. We also cater to the company’s overall innovation strategy, provide strong go-to-market capabilities, and assist with customer onboarding and pricing.


We design a framework and a prototype to identify the business’s use cases with the bare minimum of functionalities. The demo is used to determine whether a real solution is viable. Our specialists showcase the viability of a blockchain-based strategy. We assist enterprises in identifying and evaluating the optimum implementation platform and architecture for the use case in question (or cases). Business unit executives create a blockchain concept that is put to the test to see if it has a market fit, is likely to be accepted by customers and is competitively viable. To design solutions and pilot them quickly, teams participate in rapid iterations, combining early consumer testing with market research.

Working with Algobitz

Every idea and its implementation is different. Yet there are certain typical steps to be taken. They are as follows:

1. Strategy evaluation

We’ll review your objectives and assess blockchain’s applicability and commercial impact to assist you in defining and prioritising your transformation.

2. Hands-on instruction and quick prototyping

Technology leadership workshops and training help to upskill your team while working alongside professionals in rapid blockchain development settings.

3. Design of a solution

To maximise your transformation across your business, holistic solution design incorporates people, process, operating model, and technology.

4. Implementation and construction

Each solution is compatible with current systems and can meet future requirements with complex implementation management, third-party integration, and bespoke development.

5. Assets and solutions

You have more control and flexibility with proprietary software add-ons like redaction, key management, and hardware security modules.

6. Management of ecosystems

Keep your focus on the big picture as we take care of the day-to-day operations of your new blockchain networks and ecosystems using our proven functional expertise.

Creating a network based on results

For Algobitz Blockchain Services, we use design-based concepts to allow business change at the market, industry, and ecosystem levels.

What is the significance of design?

The most challenging component of developing a blockchain for a business network is the commercial aspect. Since blockchain is a new technology, it may not have everyone’s trust. You can rely on our professionals, who have years of experience working on blockchain projects.

Designing a government

Our consultants help you to create an operating model for the members of your business network that provides advantages that are fair, democratic, transparent, and adaptive. To define the owner of the network and the data.

Designing for profitability

What is the income model for the network? To encourage member involvement and build network effects, your blockchain network revenue model will be structured with appropriate monetization and incentives.

Technology Designing

How do the advantages of blockchain help individuals improve operational efficiency and make it better? We create human-centred experiences that encourage widespread acceptance of new digital products and services while maintaining privacy, trust, and security.

Blockchain Applications; Algobitz's Forte

Designing for profitability

Smart contracts are digital protocols that allow for the facilitation, verification, and enforcement of contracts without the involvement of middlemen. Negotiating terms can be recorded, duplicated, and supervised by a blockchain-based computer network using this format. To put it another way, Smart contracts guarantee a well-defined set of outcomes, reducing ambiguity and the need for litigation.

It means that exchanging money, shares, property, or anything else of value without the use of middlemen like lawyers and notaries can be done in a transparent, conflict-free manner. Smart contracts, which are usually designed to trigger payments in digital currencies, are becoming more widespread as bitcoin and blockchain technologies gain traction.


Bank money, venture capital, or self-funding have typically been the three options for business financing. The problem is that, due to a variety of financial constraints, most businesses find it extremely difficult to explore any of these possibilities. It can hinder the creation of game-changing innovations.Blockchain, as an alternative, enables crowd-sourced venture capital funds through a new model of economic collaboration. These low-risk initiatives provide creators complete control over their products while also allowing them to gain support from their target audience in a transparent manner. No middleman is taking a cut, so donors may rest assured that their funds will reach their intended destination without delay. This entire procedure is, of course, governed by a Smart Contract.

Management of the Supply Chain

The ability of a corporation to properly manage its supply chain is critical to its success. The current management approaches are tough to track. It may incur unanticipated expenditures and are prone to human error and corruption. From manufacturing to sale, every step of the supply chain is documented and effectively creates a permanent data log of any product or commodity. All of the concerns mentioned are resolved with Blockchain technology, making blockchain-based supply chain management solutions the norm in the future.

Trading in stocks

Without the use of intermediaries, Blockchain technology can enable peer-to-peer trade confirmations. It would make it easier to transfer property rights and other assets, reduce transaction costs and boost investor confidence. Shares are represented digitally in a blockchain-based architecture, and all transactions get recorded in real-time. It allows corporate shareholders to transfer their voting rights to a proxy, making it easier to verify share ownership and cutting transaction time in half.

Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain consultants provide research, analysis, development, and testing on blockchain technologies. It encompasses solution documentation and upkeep and their architectural interaction with business logic. The goal of blockchain consulting is to translate customer objectives into technical roadmaps that can be followed to accomplish desired results.