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When it comes to creating a banger Play to Earn game, you'll need a mix of metaverse gaming development, tokenomics, smart contract development, eCommerce skills, and, of course, general blockchain/dApp development expertise. This is where we come to play. Algobitz offers a comprehensive metaverse gaming development service that will assist you in launching your fantasy game with your desired features, ranging from action and adventure games to simulation and sports games. With our 360 degree services, provide your audience a genuine experience and a game to remember.

Metaverse Gaming



Play-to-Earn games are based on blocking technology, which allows any sector to have independence and ownership. NFT games give players the option of purchasing and owning a digital effect within the game, which they can then transfer to multiple blockchain platforms. Such ownership draws more traffic to the world of P2E gaming.

Old Game Integration

Player-driven Gaming

Negligible Downtime


A large portion of the games that use cryptocurrency and function with it has a high level of transparency. This minimises the risk of both players and developers scamming each other.


Gaming assets powered by NFT are well-designed and include interoperability. In games built on the Ethereum network, in-game assets are assigned feasibility support.

Game Engines

It is believed to be the best time to work in the gaming community. With modern game engines at fair rates, indie game makers and massive studios alike can design vivid worlds that keep players coming back for more. But how does one choose the right gaming engine?

Key Pointers while choosing your ideal game engine

High Security

metaENGINE is a one-of-a-kind platform developed on blockchain that is highly secure and impossible to break through.

Exclusive gaming events and experts

One can enjoy access to the most elite gaming community, events, and game development space.


Users can eliminate intermediaries and grant tamper-proof data with metaENGINE.

End-to-end Integration

You can save time and money with metaENGINE seamless integration.

Access to a wide gaming community

metaENGINE provides its users with a global community of gamers, events and game development space.


The Unreal Engine has excellent performance since it consumes relatively little memory and other resources.

AAA Games

When it comes to producing big-budget games with a high level of quality, Unreal is the game engine of choice.


Because Unreal Engine is open-source, it is very easy to build and it is very efficient.


Unity facilitates rapid iteration, which is beneficial when developing a new project.


Unreal Engine provides a wide range of unique features and functionality like Visual Editors for its users.

Top- Notch Graphics

The incredible visual effects are one of Unity’s biggest and finest features, a godsend for mobile app developers, since the images scale down to any smartphone screen size.

Range of Platforms

It also has a range of platforms for developing apps, such as the ability to share 90 percent of your work across web, PC, mobile platforms, and consoles.

Built -in Analytics

Unity’s analytics provide critical insights into your game, data that you can use to alter gameplay and improve the overall experience for both players and end-users.

Flexible Deployment

Unity’s development environment is well-suited to a variety of operating systems.

Cost Efficient

Unity is one of the most cost efficient game engines to have ever existed despite of not being an open source network

It is believed to be the best time to work in the metaverse gaming community. With modern game engines at fair rates, indie game makers and massive studios alike can design vivid worlds that keep players coming back for more. But how does one choose the right gaming engine?

Metaverse Gaming Budget


At Algo Studios, we make it easier to anticipate expenditures and build a reasonable budget to ensure the project runs smoothly.

Metaverse Gaming Timeline


We begin by determining a timeframe and the number of hours you have available each day, week, or month to work on your game and get it ready in a timely fashion.

Metaverse Gaming License

Royalties and Licensing

With us you can make sure that you’re aware about the potential royalties and licensing that could come up in the future

Metaverse Gaming


We know that it is essential to choose the perfect game engine that would support building the game of your preferred genre. Our backend researchers will help you find the most suitable engine that would align with your planned requirements.

Accessible Metaverse Gaming Company


When it comes to building a game, it is essential to choose a game engine that is easy to use and delivers results efficiently. Our team of experts do the required research for you and make sure to find the game engine that is perfect for your project.

Algo Studios Game Development Procedure

Planning and Ideation

The foundation of each endeavour is planning and ideation. Algo Studios will help you finalise and define what has to be done. Followed by working on the project outline, what tools and technology you'll need to execute your project.

Project Design

We believe that a well-designed game draws a large number of players for longer periods of time. So, following the planning, our experts will help you decide on a comprehensive game design and metaverse gaming environment that would suit your idea of the perfect game.

Game Development

After all the contemplation and ideation we come to the most important part, the development. By using all the available features and functionalities like smart contracts, crypto exchanges and so much more. At the end of this step, you’ll have a fully functioning game, ready to be tested.


Our testers will run several rounds of game testing to identify any and every kind of bugs and errors that may cause hindrance in future. This step is essential as it will help you make sure there’s no error in the game, and will also provide a better gaming experience to the potential gamers.