Crypto Wallets are an essential component of any cryptocurrency ecosystem and should be able to handle a surge of users in real-time. A cryptocurrency wallet is a programme that lets you transfer, receive, manage, and store digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The wallet communicates with the Blockchain network to make currency transfers and monitoring easier.

Crypto Wallet Development

Any investment platform can easily integrate with our wallet solution. Simply put, the UI is extremely trader-friendly, and it was created with the delight of first-time users in mind.

With the outburst of cryptocurrencies, the wallet now supports a wide range of popular crypto coins and blockchain products. It contributes to the new age of digital banking by smoothly supporting Centralised and Decentralised Finance products.

Algobitz’s professionals use their extensive experience in Blockchain development to create safe, secure, and quick Cryptocurrency wallets. Without leaving your site, a bespoke Cryptocurrency wallet allows you to leverage specific functionality and ensure security for cryptocurrency transactions.

Web Wallet

A Web wallet can be accessed from any device via the internet and a browser. Compared to other forms of wallets, these are significantly more convenient and quick. An online wallet can be seamlessly incorporated into the interface of your website for transactions.

Build efficient wallets with advanced features with top-notch security.

Crypto Wallet

Desktop Wallet

Desktop wallets are wallets that are placed on a PC or laptop and are exclusively accessible through that device. This offers maximum security and allows for cold storage, which means that the wallet can be used without being connected to the internet as it is used to store the private keys of the users.

Desktop Crypto Wallet
Build stable and secure customised wallets to safeguard your crypto assets.

Wallet for mobile phones

Mobile wallets are phone-based wallets that may be used in places like retail establishments and bars, basically anywhere and everywhere with an internet connection. Due to the limited capacity on a mobile phone, these might be considered simplified versions of desktop wallets. Create safe mobile wallets with iOS and Android compatibility, multi-currency storage, and upgraded functionality and security for long-term stability.

On mobile wallets, we provide additional security features such as biometric verification.
Mobile Crypto Wallet

Hardware Wallet

A hardware cryptocurrency wallet is a type of bitcoin wallet that saves users’ private keys in a safe hardware device. Private keys are frequently saved on a secure microcontroller and cannot be transferred out of the system in plain text. Other benefits include:

We provide mission-driven solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

Development of a Centralised Wallet

Give your users peace of mind by safeguarding their private keys on their behalf. Legitimate transactions are ensured by whitelisting wallet addresses.

Development of the DeFi Wallet

With a decentralised wallet that has institutional-grade security and ease of use, you can give your users ultimate control over their private keys and cash. Ensure P2P transactions, powered by Smart Contracts, have complete control over the transactions through private keys.

Development of the NFT Wallet

Use our non-fungible wallet development services to create a world-class NFT wallet that allows for the secure storage and transfer of a wide range of NFT tokens.

Multi-currency Wallet Development

Provide your consumers with a multi-currency wallet development that supports a variety of crypto coins and tokens so they can store multiple crypto assets in one place.

Wallet Development on the Internet

With a web wallet that includes extensive security features, multi-currency support, and a self-explanatory UI, your users will be able to safely transfer, store, and manage their assets.

Development of the TRON Wallet

We offer TRON DApps development services to start-ups, SMEs, and major corporations. With our hired TRON DApps developers you can create a custom TRON wallet for your company.

Development of the Bitcoin wallet

If you require a Bitcoin wallet, we can help you with our custom Bitcoin wallet app creation services. We are experts in both centralised and decentralised Bitcoin wallet development.

Creation of a Mobile Wallet

We create mobile wallets with market-leading features to improve security and user experience. Develop Android and iOS compatible wallets with top-notch security and features.

Creating an Ethereum Wallet

We provide ERC20 wallet construction services to assist you in creating and maintaining high-security Ethereum wallets that include both ETH and ERC20 tokens.

Development of White Label Crypto Wallets

With millions of new users joining every day, the cryptocurrency markets are reaching unprecedented heights. Businesses from a variety of industries have begun to study the potential of a token-driven blockchain network, causing a global ripple effect. This urge to begin early is similar to millions of organisations’ desire to go digital and have a website presence. We’ve designed a white label solution based on our considerable expertise in developing cryptocurrency wallets to help you launch your product as rapidly as possible. It not only saves you time but also provides enterprise-grade security and the endorsement of millions of users across several platforms.
The white label crypto wallet solution adheres to the goal of decentralisation by granting customers complete control over their cash without interference from governmental organisations such as banks. Connect with our DeFi wallet development pros to learn more about our expertise in building dapps. Use our white-label solution to speed up wallet deployment, or reach out to our experienced professionals to discuss your customised wallet requirements.

Features of White Label Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet

Over the Counter Trading Facility

Facilitate direct trading of assets between two different parties through OTC trading with low latency and top-notch security.

Automatic Conversion Rates

View your account balance anytime and convert your fiat currencies with the leading cryptocurrencies at your convenience.

Multi-layer Security

Ensure the safety of your crypto assets while exchanging or storing them without high-security infrastructure

Convenient Portfolio Management and Home Screen Customisation

Keep control of your transactions and add your preferred cryptocurrencies to your home screens for easier management of assets.

KYC Verification

For optimum security, we develop a legitimate and authenticated user base using geography-based KYC Verification.

Auto-denial of duplicate payments.

Automatic detection of Duplicate payments immediately denied by the wallet preventing duplicate payments and chargebacks.

Improved Privacy

The user’s private keys are converted to confidential 12-word mnemonic phrases, ensuring enhanced privacy with the help of our non-custodial white-label wallet.

Use Credit Cards for Transactions

Cryptocurrencies can be purchased and sold from the wallet via secure credit card transactions with low latency.

Establishment of API Connections

Users may purchase and sell cryptocurrencies without leaving the platform owing to a secure API connection with the market’s major crypto exchanges.

Multi-coin and Multi-asset

Support for stable coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. We also offer the integration of several altcoins and tokens on a case-by-case basis, depending on your company needs.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

We develop White Label Solutions compatible with numerous platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, and Windows. We provide our users with a flexible and secure infrastructure that allows for effortless access from any device.

Advantages of Multi-cryptocurrency Wallet


With the emergence of several distinct cryptocurrencies, each with its specific infrastructure, ecology, and purpose, it is a need to use a multi-currency wallet to be able to use multiple cryptocurrencies from a single wallet.

Inflation-Free Investment

The quantity of virtual currency cannot exceed a definite value. Therefore, every cryptocurrency is supposed to contain after it hits/surpasses a specific value.

Automated Session Logout

The primary security mechanism has improved via automated session logout. New logging for each session safeguards the funds and the account.

Blockchain Wallet Development Process With Algobitz

Ideation and Discussion
We collaborate closely with you to understand your ideas and unique needs, and we’ll discuss your blockchain wallet development objectives and come up with a better structure together.
Market Analysis
Our trained experts will do a complete analysis of your project to assess its feasibility, critical features, and functional and non-functional requirements.
Creating an Appealing User Interface
Our highly qualified and knowledgeable team of developers will create an appealing, intuitive, and user-friendly interface for both web and mobile applications that will fit the experienced and the novice users for a more efficient and productive business experience.
Development of a Blockchain Wallet
We have competent blockchain developers with an in-depth understanding of the technology who will ensure solid front-end and back-end support as well as a smoothly working wallet that will help you sustain and efficiently attain your ultimate goals.
Maintenance and Post-Launch Assistance
Our assistance does not end with the successful development of your blockchain wallet. We are also available around the clock to assist you with post-launch maintenance, ensuring that you not only get ahead but also stay ahead of your competitors.

Why Hire Algobitz for Your Crypto Wallet Development?

Being one of the best Crypto Wallet Development service providers, Algobitz offers you a secure and efficient cryptocurrency wallet amongst other services.

Some of the features offered by our team of blockchain experts are:

Crypto Wallet Development

Crypto wallet development with Algobitz

We use our knowledge and technological expertise to develop a solution that solidifies your position in the crypto industry through a mission-driven approach. The crypto wallets are developed with utmost safety and security to ensure that your cryptocurrencies are protected from any kind of assault. Timely logouts prevent intruders from accessing your wallet. We facilitate easy transactions by maintaining and providing the record of frequently used addresses and real-time updates through push notifications.

Algobitz helps you streamline and accelerate your payment solutions by leveraging the experience and skills of our financial experts and blockchain developers, who guide you through the process from scratch to ensure optimum performance that exceeds your expectations. With an extensive knowledge of the market, enjoy futuristic functioning and ideas to flourish your business.