Matic Blockchain is the answer to a crowded Blockchain world that has been influenced by a plethora of apps, resulting in the deprecation of the Blockchain ecosystem. Build your application on Matic with us to use Blockchain’s actual potential without the trade-offs of scalability or increasing transaction fees.
Matic’s decentralised platform ensures that the Ethereum Blockchain’s shortcomings will no longer impede the success of your application. With the Blockchain’s growing popularity and usage, network congestion and increased demand have become the New Normal. As a result of these situations, transaction costs rise, and transaction throughput falls. To put it another way, you’ll have to pay much more for a transaction that will take a long time to complete.
The Matic platform has a block producer layer that allows programmes to construct blocks more quickly, addressing the need for faster transactions. These blocks are created on a secondary chain before being pushed onto the Ethereum main chain, leading to a significant increase in transaction throughput. As a result, the program’s scalability improves, as it can theoretically accommodate 216 transactions on a single side chain.

Perks Of Matic

Matic development goals have a unique approach, combined with several efficient features, which has served by removing the doubts from the minds of people considering adopting the Ethereum Blockchain for their objectives. Matic currently supports Ethereum, but it will also support additional Blockchains in the future, making it an excellent solution for a wide range of use scenarios. Assume your use case comprises facilitating intra-day interest facilities. Because every user on your platform is there to earn interest rather than pay more than he gains, you’ll need a high daily transaction throughput and a low transaction cost for this use case.


While developing this breakthrough Blockchain platform, the main goal was to promote scalability, and better scalability is what makes Matic the right choice for current applications. This scalability is attained through improving existing Blockchains.

Fee reduction

Lower transaction fees are one of Matic’s most exciting features, as they occur on a less congested network and need fewer resources. The intriguing element is that this lower transaction charge is accompanied by improved security and scalability.

Transaction Volume

Almost every modern-day use case necessitates high transaction throughput, yet current Blockchains are incapable of meeting these requirements. Given the current financial structure, Blockchains’ incapacity to compete with it is a significant disadvantage.

UX/UI Improvements

The ease with which a client can utilise any application is the most important aspect of its adoption. Matic’s excellent UI/UX has met the client’s long-awaited requirement for quickly grasping and using Blockchain features.

Developmental tools

The source code of the Smart Contracts is accessible by anybody to verify the workflow of the code. This way it offers a hundred per cent The Matic developer community is just as promising as the platform itself. The community has already produced several fantastic tools for developers and is presently working on creating many more. Matic supports well-known technologies like Truffle, which specialises in Ethereum and Solidity.

Using the Matic Development Methodology

We are always researching and creating cutting-edge technologies to give you the best and most efficient alternative for your application development. Our professional Ethereum developers and consultants have already delivered several projects using the Matic decentralised platform. We are one of the few firms capable of developing production-ready use cases for Matic and other Blockchain platforms. What distinguishes us is our development process:


We begin by thoroughly investigating our client’s use cases and gaining a thorough grasp of their requirements. Identifying the application’s primary actors, their preferred features, and the types of apps now in use that are similar to the proposed use case are all part of this process.

UX/UI Advancement

User interface and user experience play a crucial influence in the adoption of a variety of applications. However, Blockchain necessitates a well-researched and unique UI/UX based on market trends, which is exactly what we give.


It should go without saying that testing a Blockchain application is critical. Given the magnitude of losses caused by simple flaws in smart contracts and Blockchain-based applications, we constantly make certain that we thoroughly evaluate all potential elements and deliver a secure product.


Our Blockchain experts are ready to offer their expertise and help you make an informed decision. Before providing the best recommendations, they will help you understand the pros and cons of using various Blockchains for your use case.

Proof of Concept (PoC)

We produce a brief Proof of Concept before beginning production-grade development to demonstrate how the software will work and what interface will develop. This Proof of Concept allows us to get into deeper detail about the project’s features and scope, as well as exceed the client’s expectations.

Development and Maintenance

We work in compliance with our client’s demands as we proceed through the development process to deliver high-quality code within the specified timeframes. Our relationship with our clients does not end when the project completes. We are here to assist you in scaling your application.

Use Cases


With a few simple steps, you can integrate Matic Payments into your DApps. Whenever necessary, settle payments on-chain. The payment transactions on the Matic Network can be confirmed in under a second, owing to faster block generation rates and reduced fees. Make payments in your DApps more seamless and frictionless for users. DApps, merchants, and customers can use Matic’s payment APIs/SDKs to accept and pay in crypto assets like ERC20 tokens, ETH, and others.

Decentralized Exchanges

Due to limited transaction throughput and long wait times, decentralized exchanges are currently lagging behind their centralized counterparts. Matic can assist Decentralized Exchanges in providing their users with faster and cheaper trading. When combined with Matic Network, decentralized exchanges can reach new heights. Matic supports decentralized exchanges and allows for trustless, dependable, and simple crypto trading. Decentralized exchanges are the way of the future for digital assets, as they offer more security and solvency than centralized exchanges.

Networks for Gaming

Companies that manage the supply and sale of in-game currencies, as well as digital assets and collectables, have traditionally run games. Users do not own the assets they buy or earn on traditional gaming sites. The blockchain allows consumers to take control of their assets for ownership and exchange in a secure manner. On a blockchain, Matic can help improve the efficiency of gaming network transactions. Buying and selling in-game cash, as well as buying and selling digital assets, can significantly increase transaction throughput.

Matic Blockchain Development Services offered by Algobitz

Development over a Matic Chain

Our Matic chain development service includes both ‘Security As A Service’ and individual chains. Our chains are self-contained and highly adjustable. Thanks to their collection of assurances. The ‘Security As a Service’ chains is the safest, as they are protected directly by Ethereum.

Development of Automated dApps

Our experienced team is well-versed with Matic/ Polygon SDKs, draughts, protocols, and development tools like Truffle, Remix, and Web3js, therefore we can supply you with Matic/Polygon dApp development tools for projects like Defi, NFTs, Gaming, and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). We also offer dApp distribution services for Ethereum and other EVM networks.

Development of a Digital Wallet with Matic

Our Matic wallets are the gateway to the next infinite era’s economic rewards. Our wallets, which are available as mobile apps, desktop programmes, and browser extensions, provide the simplest way to delete customers. Multi-currency support, platform compatibility, QR scanning, and other customizations are also available.

We’re creating Smart Contracts that reflect Ethereum’s flexibility and interoperability using the Matic SDK technology and its programming languages, Strength and Vyper. Our Smart Contracts have all of Ethereum’s features along with Matic’s connectedness, adaptability, and flexibility.

Metamask Setup for Matic/Polygon

Our experienced team of developers assist you in setting up Metamask to facilitate easy interaction with dApps, DeFi and Smart Contracts. By connecting your MetaMask wallet to Polygon, you will be able to connect to and engage with DApps on the Polygon network, such as Aave and SushiSwap.

We’re here to assist you to instigate the Polygon NFT Marketplace, an interactive multi-chain platform with scalability, security, collaboration, and flexibility. Our Polygon NFT markets effectively overcame low purchasing power and high purchase costs.

Matic Binding Providers

We can integrate your project into the Polygon/Matic ecosystem, by providing end-to-end configuration and integration services. Which in turn allows you to achieve higher ratings, modularity, and dominance in your field, whether you are a provider of meta-transactions, a host of full blockchain nodes, or a developer of dApps.

Why Polygon/Matic?

Polygon Matic, like every cryptocurrency and blockchain project, is unique, and it is quickly becoming a popular token among cryptocurrency fans, investors, and businesses expecting to benefit from improvements in blockchain technology. Companies that specialise in polygon development can help you save time and accomplish more. Matic is the solution to several shortcomings such as Low Productivity, Poor User experience, Multiple micropayment channels, Slow transactions, High transaction fees and the Absence of sovereignty.


Matic Development with Algobitz

Although decentralised apps are fast evolving, the present blockchain ecosystem is unable to scale to meet demand. Matic/Polygon was created to address a common set of blockchain issues (Slow transactions, lack of scalability & high fees). Furthermore, a scalable blockchain network can be built using the Plasma framework.
Sidechains enable transactions to be completed more quickly and at a lower cost. The usage of public sidechains for off-chain computation provides scalability. Slow volume stabilisation and growing gas costs must be addressed before aiming for mass acceptance by large users. Above all, this needs an outstanding user experience.
Matic Network aims to change this by making it easier for people to communicate with the decentralised world. Interacting with a decentralised ecosystem is simple, and anyone can do so without fear of being overwhelmed by its complexities.
Algobitz has years of experience delivering Decentralized Applications on the Matic Network blockchain technology. Our blockchain industry experience has made us the professionals in providing high-level Enterprise blockchain solutions and services.