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Follow Trend is one of our client from Europe, they are highly involved in the crypto and wanted to build an extraordinary crypto market platform. We pleasure to get in touch with them.


TokenAsia has been helped such ICOs and IEO with the platforms. TokenAsia enables and implements decentralised ICO/STO/IEO fundraising campaigns.

Zagg Network

We developed a common global ledger on a custom blockchain using a new protocol, which will reform and reorganize the current customer engagement ecosystem.


Leveraging the decentralized nature of the blockchain technology with the vision of a future world where all energy comes from clean or renewable sources.


COSS is one of our client from Singapore, they wanted to build crypto exchange with smarter and faster features and we have developed accordingly with various best features like FSA and many others.


PresenceUP™ is an AI-based platform for content generation and improving presence of brands in social media. Top brands are still figuring out what content brings them the most success.

LALA World

LALA Token is virtual financial goods and digital money, on the principles of cryptography and blockchain algorithms which allows transaction to be securely and transparently tracked.


Murmur is a new-age, blockchain-based, decentralized microblogging and independently operated platform. It’s open, transparent, and allows users to monetize their content.

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