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Unity vs Unreal vs metaENGINE


It is believed to be the best time to work in the gaming community. With modern game engines at fair rates, indie game makers and massive studios alike can design vivid worlds that keep players coming back for more.

Unity and Unreal Engine are two of the industry’s leading players. Most of your personal favorites, from Gears of War to Bioshock to Fortnite, launched with one of these game engines. Beginners and even seasoned game developers may constantly wonder which of these applications will best serve their needs when they begin to develop the games they’ve always set out to make.

But what, if anything, distinguishes them? Which of the two options is better for you?




Definition Unity is a cross-platform game engine. Unreal Engine is a free and open-source game engine.
Origin Unity was first announced and released in 2005. Unreal made its debut in 1998. 
Uses Unity is used to develop PC games, games for mobiles and consoles. It is used to develop games for PC, mobiles, consoles and more.
Language Base Unity uses C#. Since C# is better for game development, making Unity significantly faster and more efficient. During game production, Unreal Engine uses the C++ programming language.
Community Both engines have a sizable active user base. Unity 3D is now available in Unreal 4, and it also has a large client base and hence user base. Both engines have a sizable active user base.
Assets Unity has a large number of mods because of its current technologies. Unity also has 31000 assets options. It does not provide open source code, but it is available for purchase.  Users can download textures and props from the Asset Store. Unreal has around 10,000 assets.
Pricing  It is free to download, but a $1500 one-time fee is required to upgrade to the full version. It is free of charge, but you are entitled to royalties.
Rendering In the case of unity, rendering is slow, hence, project processing is similarly slow.  Unreal offers quicker rendering, allowing for even faster post-processing.


Each game engine has its pros and cons with varied suitability. Unity is a terrific platform for indie designers wanting to get started developing right away and don’t want to owe the platform a royalty on their games on the back end. Thanks to its native C# language and a large community of other developers and designers, Unity has been on top of its game.

Unreal Engine is all about fine-tuned graphics and lightning-fast render speeds, making it ideal for enterprise-level game developers. For indie game creators who don’t mind paying a royalty on the back end in exchange for extra-fine quality, metaENGINE is perfect. The learning curve is a tad longer, but mastering Unreal Engine’s rules rewards you with incredible graphical capabilities that appear endless. Since both engines suit different developers, it would be difficult to pin down any one of them as the best. So, to break the tie, we have another player in the race, metaENGINE. 

What is metaENGINE? 

metaENGINE is a one-stop platform that provides the gaming developer community access to a comprehensive set of advanced features developed on the blockchain. This platform helps the game developers today with features like:

  1. High Security metaENGINE is a one-of-a-kind platform developed on blockchain that is highly secure and impossible to break through. 
  2. Exclusive gaming events and experts – One can enjoy access to the most elite gaming community, events, and game development space.
  3. Personalization – Users can eliminate intermediaries and grant tamper-proof data with metaENGINE.
  4. End-to-end Integration – You can save time and money with metaENGINE seamless integration.

Some other advantages of using metaENGINE are that it offers real-time game development. This feature distinguishes metaENGINE from other platforms because while enjoying the experience of true metaverse with meta engines gaming platform, you can build your gaming characters and assets in a real-time environment. metaENGINE is all about seamless user experience as it offers secure and easy integrated crypto-payment solutions. 


Unity and Unreal may have been in the race for a longer period, but the new players are no less. With its unique features and user-friendly services, metaENGINE is set to take its place in the industry. Unity, Unreal or metaENGINE, comparing these three is a difficult question because each platform caters to different requirements in different capacities. If you’re looking for that one perfect game engine for yourself, make sure to analyze your requirements from the platform and make an informed decision. We hope this article helped you understand the three platforms better. To know more about the world of GameFi and Metaverse, follow our social media handles and get in touch with us!! 

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