Algobitz announces partnership with 5ire


Algobitz is proud to announce a new partnership with 5ire, a fifth-generation blockchain based on a truly sustainable consensus mechanism architecture. 5ire group comprises of 5ireChain, 5ire VC arm, and 5ire Labs i.e., firm’s research and development hub.

As a clear endorsement of the partnership, 5ire has invited AlgoBitz to join its Validator program and the PR partnerships program. AlgoBitz, with its illustrious history in Web 3.0 development projects, looks forward to building applications on the 5ire Blockchain infrastructure.

We believe our partnership with 5ire in supporting their Validators program is a unique proposition for both the companies. Given our past experience in building and managing Blockchain infrastructure.

Through our partnership with 5ire, we believe we are offering unique and true value, as well as, deep insights based on our past experiences in developing complex blockchain applications. In the long run, AlgoBitz aspires to become one of the trusted 5ire development partners helping on projects using the 5ire development toolkit.

Both partners take a rigorous and evidence-based approach to Web 3.0 development and look forward to making great strides in the sustainable ecosystem for the 5th industrial revolution.

About 5ire

5ire is a fifth-generation blockchain ecosystem, built from the ground up with the United Nations sustainable development goals in mind. 5ire includes 5ireChain, the world’s first sustainable blockchain; 5ire VC, 5ire’s venture capital arm; and 5ire Labs, 5ire’s research and development hub.

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About AlgoBitz

Established in 2017 and headquartered in Singapore, Algobitz is a full-service software provider offering product development and digital transformation services in Web 3.0 space. Our rigorous research, unmatched solutions in consulting and technology create an innovative roadmap for governments, tech start-ups and Fortune 1000 companies to transition from conventional technology to blockchain technology.

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