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How blockchain technology shapes the Metaverse

How Blockchain Technology Shapes The Metaverse

The metaverse’s goal of fusing our actual social relationships, careers, etc. with immersive technologies has captured the public’s fascination. Users of the metaverse can socialize, educate, work alongside, and entertain themselves in ways they could never have imagined before. It can also be conceived as a parallel life where users can carry out daily activities, including buying art, investing in real estate, and traveling to exotic locations.

So, blockchain technology, in addition to AR and VR, is vital to the Metaverse. It helps to establish a fully functioning virtual economy where you can trade any virtual asset using cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Experts are intrigued as blockchain and metaverse can revolutionize the Internet and the digital space.

The link between blockchain technology & the metaverse

Blockchain technology permanently records events, usually in a ledger, which is a decentralized and open library. Transparency is a feature of public blockchains like those used by Bitcoin and Ethereum, as all transactions are accessible to everyone online. Most of them may be programmed using smart contracts – simple blockchain-based software algorithms that execute automatically under certain conditions.

Possibly you’re wondering, “What does the metaverse have to do with this blockchain thing?” Everything!  To begin with, the blockchain enables you to possess digital assets in a virtual world, including money, securities, and artwork. You could, for instance, use a smart contract on the blockchain to prove your ownership of a digital asset, like an artwork or piece of music, so that no one else can assert ownership of it on the blockchain — regardless of any copy saved by anyone else.

NFTs and cryptocurrencies on the blockchain will establish an infrastructure for developing, controlling, and commercializing decentralized digital assets. Also, a Metaverse space without Blockchain will not suffice the user needs, owing to the heavy restrictions of centralized systems. The ability of blockchain to function as a global decentralized digital source contrasts the metaverse from the existing internet space. Additionally, the blockchain-based metaverse will connect users to any virtual space without the intervention of a centralized body.

Why does the metaverse need blockchain technology?

Because of its myriad of benefits, blockchain is a must-have technology in the Metaverse. Blockchain has proven to be efficient in six essentially relevant categories: digital proof of ownership, accessibility, value transfer, digital collectability, and governance. Blockchain technology is suitable for the metaverse as it offers a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to achieving the aforementioned targets by the following means.

  1. Trust:

    Tokens, on a blockchain, are highly secure storage units that deliver encrypted digital information and authorization keys. As a result, any unauthorized third party cannot access private data. Because of this, the metaverse built on blockchain strengthens users’ confidence in the system by ensuring that sensitive information is safeguarded. 

  2. Security in the Metaverse:

    Hackers abusing personal information will not be able to exploit others. Users can have full control over their data by utilizing private and public keys. The adoption of zero-knowledge proof on the blockchain allows consumers to easily identify important metaverse information while safeguarding their privacy and control over their assets.

  3. Decentralization:

    To ensure that the framework of the metaverse functions efficiently, all participants must experience the identical virtual world uniformly. Blockchain technology enables the metaverse to synchronize any number of nodes in a decentralized ecosystem.

  4. Using Smart Contracts in the Metaverse:

    Blockchain-based Smart Contracts may be used by users in the Metaverse to carry out transactions without the need for a mediator. They will support the proper management of social, economic, and other interactions among participants in the virtual space. They also offer to design and put into effect the fundamental guidelines for the metaverse’s operations.

  5. Interoperability:

    Blockchain makes it possible for several platforms to work together flawlessly. There isn’t one company or group developing the metaverse, but it will be a collection of interconnected virtual worlds, created by various organizations. People will want to take their belongings with them as they move between virtual worlds, like from Decentraland to Sandbox. The blockchain will validate proof of ownership of your digital assets in both metaverses to check if they are compatible for interoperability. This is particularly important in terms of NFT valuation and turnover.

  6. Self-identity Authentication:

    Data management is crucial to safeguard against fraudulent data, manipulation of identification data, and unlawful actions amid the expanding number of Metaverse users. Thankfully, Blockchain technology can assist us here, by safely storing all information in its distributed ledgers. Blockchain assures that no one can change or corrupt the recorded data because all parties can openly access the transactions logged on the blocks. So, blockchain guarantees full transparency in the metaverse and safeguards against cybercrimes.

  7. Metaverse as a Business:

    If the metaverse is business, then every corporation will undoubtedly want to participate. Although the decentralized structure of blockchain may lessen the need for middlemen in financial transactions, there will still be plenty of possibilities for companies to earn — possibly even more than in existing economies. Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Coca-Cola, Adidas, and Nike are just a few well-known companies joining this fray.

Concluding Thoughts

The idea of the metaverse has many interpretations, yet practically all experts agreed that it is a promising niche. And although it hasn’t arrived yet, the technical foundation is constantly being laid, for the day when it will become a reality. It’s indeed impossible to exaggerate the significance of Blockchain in the Metaverse. This is so because it enables users to protect and conserve their digital assets in virtual environments. Moreover, organizations will have unrestricted access to the global consumer market to boost their business, without geographical and political constraints.

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