How Metaverse can evolve the way we work

How Metaverse can evolve the way we work

Picture a world where you could host a hilltop chat with your peers, take appraisal meetings while walking on the Moon, or fly from your Singapore office to have lunch with your boss, without actually having to leave your living room. These instances provide a peek into the metaverse’s future vision of work. The metaverse is a network of three-dimensional digital environments where users communicate, trade, and socialize using their virtual avatars.

While the metaverse is still in its infancy in many ways, it has suddenly become a vast business, with technological and gaming giants such as Meta (formerly Facebook), Microsoft, Roblox, Epic Games, etc all establishing their own metaverses. The metaverse utilizes various technologies, including gaming, blockchain, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, 3-D graphics, cryptocurrency, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Let’s see how adopting the concept of Metaverse can transform the way we work professionally.

How can one enter the metaverse? 

Most of the existing workplace metaverse solutions can run smoothly via a computer & its accessory. However, the fully immersive 3-D experience needs a variety of VR-enabled gears. Rapid advancements are going on in computer-generated holography, which eliminates the need for gears. It can run either by employing virtual viewing windows to produce holographic displays from digital images or by using customized holographic pods to project people and images into physical space during events or meetings.

The pandemic’s consequences, particularly constraints on face-to-face meetings and travel, drive organizations to seek more realistic, coherent and engaging remote and hybrid employment. At least four significant changes to the professional world appear to be coming from the metaverse:

  1. AI-powered digital employees
  2. Truly interactive modes of effective teamwork
  3. Boost skill acquisition and learning via revolutionary technologies
  4. Establishment of a metaverse economy with whole new businesses and job responsibilities

Teamwork and Collaboration in the Metaverse

A future of virtual work will benefit from higher levels of social interaction, flexibility, and engagement via the metaverse. The metaverse’s characteristics make it simple to improve development, interaction, and workspaces for employees. It will address the problems of isolation and staff disconnectedness that can be brought on by remote and hybrid work. The transition to remote working in the last two years has made it difficult for many companies to keep their employees enthusiastic. It’s an impractical expectation to keep 20 people engaged in the bland 2-D atmosphere of a video call. Many employees dislike being on camera because we’re not giving them any stimulation close to physical interaction. That is the reason companies are shifting their working environment to metaverse-based platforms.

With metaverse integration in a workplace, digital avatars of employees can pop in and out of virtual offices in real time, walk up to their seniors or colleagues, give a live presentation, have lunch with colleagues in the cafeteria, and do almost everything they can do while physically being there. What an immersive experience that would be when the employees can see the avatars of their peers in the hallway and stop them for a quick chat, or an employee having a meeting with HR on the rings of Saturn.

Concluding Thoughts

Working from home may be exhausting as nearly 30% of remote workers had trouble separating their personal and professional lives, according to research by Nuffield Health in the UK. Virtual workspaces can better define the boundary between personal and professional life by simulating real-life workspace activities. The ability to connect with various virtual workplaces is the ultimate goal. It’s about fostering interactions, discussions, and socializing.

The metaverse creates new opportunities to reimagine the workplace by integrating adventure, creativity, and wonder. The metaverse offers a unique opportunity for companies to foster a hybrid work environment for their employees. The emerging virtual world technology is already shaping the future of the Internet. So, we believe that incorporating a metaverse could be a game-changer for future workspaces. Metaverse will boost the transition from the typical homogenous corporate atmosphere. We’ll soon have virtual workspaces in unimaginable places, like the North Pole, the space station, or another planet.

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