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NFTs and Real Estate with Algobitz


The NFTs have been dealing with digital content such as graphics, audio files and in-game assets. The growth has extended to collaterals and domain names with the scope of its application expanding significantly. It is currently on the verge of transforming the latest financial system.

NFTs have gained a lot of traction lately due to the potential use of the technology. Its potential to reform and optimize the financial system has opened up plenty of new opportunities. And when it comes to investment, real estate has always been the most feasible and secure resort for investors.

Verification of ownership and certification of validity are other solutions that NFTs offer. They can make the time-consuming and expensive process of transferring land ownership a lot easier and allow for the generation of tokens that represent the property. These properties can be handed over to the buyer after the transaction is sufficed.

By eliminating the need for middlemen, the transaction process will be more cost-effective. When a property is established on the blockchain, the transaction process will be as simple as purchasing NFTs. The accountability and traceability will further make the process more efficient and reliable. 

NFTs make it possible for you!

Algobitz, as your tech partner, helps in tokenizing real estate. It provides you with a tokenization platform to transform your assets on existing blockchains by developing a customized blockchain with its Real Asset Tokenization services

The major advantage is data immutability. It prevents anyone from changing or erasing transaction data once it has been recorded and authorized. It also promotes liquidity and transparency, as each transaction takes place with the knowledge of the participants leading to a boost in worth. 

We will assist you in converting your property into NFTs to secure your ownership by assisting you in NFT marketplace listing if you intend to sell it. Development through Matic will further provide enhanced UI/UX and lower transaction costs.

In addition, we can assist you with fractional ownership. You might subdivide the property into smaller pieces and sell it to multiple individuals. Therefore, the NFT gets divided into several ERC-20 tokens. We also have a lending platform where you can get a loan based on the value of your cryptocurrency or NFT.


The most effective way to maintain ownership is to convert one’s assets into NFTs. These should be installed on the blockchain network to avoid tampering by any unauthorized party.

The advancement of NFTs is unstoppable. It will grow with every stride it goes forward. We can help you with everything from activating a crypto wallet through minting, tokenization, and payment gateway creation.

Algobitz is a versatile NFT Development Service provider that will help your project succeed, whether it’s digital art, music, gaming or real estate. 


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