The Future Vision for the Internet: Metaverse


The Future Vision for the Internet: Metaverse

The tale of the metaverse starts from a science fiction novel in 1992 in which the author, Neal Stephenson, proposed the idea of realistic avatars in virtual reality. Following this started the journey of the development of a real metaverse. 

So what exactly is the metaverse?

Metaverse is an amalgamation of technology, VR and AR. In simpler terms, it is a virtual world. You can work, hold meetings, play, be with your friends and do anything you do in your real life. Fascinating right? We have all seen this in movies or web series, so can it happen in real life?

A Dream Come True

If you have not heard yet, Ariana Grande gave a virtual performance in Fortnite with millions of gamers enjoying the virtual concert (Rift Tour Featuring Ariana Grande). 

Another significant step towards the formation of metaverse was taken by video game designer Peter Molyneux, with the creation of a futuristic game called Legacy. The game will be launched in 2022 and will allow you to use your imagination to build different products and buildings, perform trades with other players and compete with others by creating your unique empire. The processes will take place on blockchain technology through NFTs. Peter Molyneux with Gala Games and Eric Schiermeyer( co-founder of Zynga) are all set to move ahead with the blockchain gaming culture.

The Future of Metaverse

Although it is evident that there are millions of gamers and other tech-heads looking forward to the creation of metaverse, the absence of required technological equipment for the optimum experience is a challenge for now. Once the wearables are introduced, the metaverse will undergo a rapid spread and development. 

The development of metaverse can save a lot of time spent commuting as it’ll enable a virtual socializing experience similar to the physical experience. It will also enhance safety by preventing accidents or any other mishappenings. What’s better than experiencing all of the worlds at the comfort of your home?

It is also very beneficial for education purposes. Imagine conducting experiments virtually and being able to experience all of them. Any tragedy that occurred during the same will have no physical impact on you. It enhances the learning opportunities and possibilities of new inventions as well. 


The possibilities have no end. If it is possible to have live concerts in the virtual world; then maybe we fly through the mountains with our friends after a few years. Meta, the tech giant by Mark Zuckerberg, has already been investing in virtual reality. It is another big revolution sparked by blockchain technology. Let’s be a part of its journey towards something legendary.