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We Launched 30% More NFT Marketplaces Than Previous Year

Your Reliable Metaverse / Blockchain Development Partner

Your Reliable Metaverse / Blockchain Development Partner

Looking forward to a reliable blockchain development company?

At Algobitz, we make use of our in-house technical knowledge to provide you with the most reliable, secure, and creative blockchain solutions to meet your end requirement.



Our Clients

With our ready-to-deploy solutions and assurity of a quick launch, we can help you build your NFT marketplace. We come up with world class solutions focused on user interface and global NFT trading to improve your convenience and time-to-market.


Algobitz provides you with a host of services to capitalize on the metaverse opportunity. Get in touch with us today, to build Metaverse Games, Applications, Marketplace and so much more with expert guidance.

Blockchain Gaming

The video game industry is bigger than the entertainment and sports industries combined on a global scale. Our team, with a vast expertise in building blockchain gaming ecosystems, will help you capitalize this potential with blockchain solutions.


We help our customers build a financial ecosystem for their projects by enhancing financial service by DeFi. Our services include Staking and Lending protocols development, DAO development, DeFi Development, and more for incredible revenue.

Coin Development

Build your tokens, cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, IDO platforms, stablecoins, ICO platforms, etc. with our world class Blockchain experts.


The Algobitz studio team has several years of experience working on high profile video games and projects for prestigious development studios. We provide a plethora of options ranging from Independent video games to mobile applications to allocating necessary resources for Blockchain game development.

Our Team has expertise in the following game engines:

Provides above 31000 assets for game development and suitable for developing PC Games and games for consoles.
Cloud based collaborative multi developer environment for gaming and guilds. Suitable for Web3 Gaming and Play to earn game development.
One of the most powerful engines in terms of graphic enhancements, it gives an entirely different view to a 2D game. It provides around 10,000 assets for better user experience.


We invest in the defining companies of tomorrow. But we know it all starts with you. We help exceptional people build startups from the earliest stages. When you join Algobitz ventures, you join a community of founders, get support from a global platform of experts and resources, and receive investments to scale your ideas and businesses.

Blockchain Consulting

Our Blockchain consulting services will complement the proper set of skills for your specific required infrastructure, obstacles, and strategic interests.

Real Asset Tokenization

Through the use of smart contracts, our asset tokenization services will help you turn the ownership rights of your assets into blockchain-based digital tokens.

Development over Matic

Algobitz has years of experience delivering Decentralised Applications on the Matic Network blockchain technology.

Development over Hyperledger

You can trust our team to deliver up-to-date Hyperledger services, whether it's for building authorised blockchain or future-ready DApps.

Development over Solana

Our team of veterans has the necessary experience to assist you in developing and launching highly secure and scalable apps on the Solana blockchain for DeFi, gaming, NFT, and other use cases.

Development over Ethereum

With our first-class Ethereum development services, you can take advantage of the huge benefits of the Ethereum blockchain for your decentralised applications.

Smart Contracts Development

Integrate smart contracts into your business to automate processes with our technical prowess, domain expertise, rich experience, and varied blockchain protocols.

Defi Solution Development

Avail limitless possibilities of DeFi with easier provision of lending by steering the ownership to the investors over an agile and fast platform.

Olympus DAO Creation

Make your way into DeFi 2.0 with end-to-end DAO Development with expert guidance, rapid development and complete support.


Are you an up and growing business looking for resources to scale your business? At Algo Ventures, we invest money in the businesses that aim to revolutionise the future. We assist entrepreneurs still in the nascent phase of their startup development. By joining hands with us, you become part of this community of innovators, gain access to a global network of experts and resources, and receive funding to help you build your business. Our services range from management training to venture capital financing.

Our Clients

We are proud to have the world’s leading clients contributing to our success. We make sure everything that we built around as per the client’s needs and their main objectives. We have represented everything from start-ups to governments and Fortune many companies with that same partnership approach and dedication, to accelerate their business growth with bleeding-edge technology and solutions. There are many more ways than ever for you to create new business opportunities and establish your own success story. We are here to help our partner’s succeed in their journey.





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